Great Glass Mosaic Tile Ideas


Do you love the look of mosaic tiles but you’re unsure of where to best use it? Do you long for the calming and clean feel of a beautifully installed mosaic features? In this article we will explore 8 different ideas and tips of using glass mosaic tiles in your home.

· Make sure to choose the right size and colour.

Like most designs you do need to plan a little bit. Give some thought to the area that you are planning on tiling. What is the style or feel that you are going for. All of this will influence the size and colour of tiles you will use.

· Use mosaic as a feature.

Still unsure of how much tile to use, and a bit scared of overwhelming a room with too much tile. Opt for creating a feature wall, by choosing one wall (or only part of a wall) in a room to cover with glass mosaic tiles. When set against the other monotone backgrounds and walls, the textural as well as colour differences create great character and a wonderful focal point.

· Mix glass tiles with other elements.

A great design works best it different textures and elements are used to work together in a single breath-taking design. If you want an ultra-modern look, combines glass mosaic tiles with larger metallic tiles. Or are you going for a more natural look? Then consider glass tiles in a natural tone combined with reclaimed wood.

· Want to enlarge a space?

Glass mosaic tiles can effectively be used to make a small spaces seem much larger. In a small bathroom for example, use tiles in a vertical pattern or design all the way up to the ceiling to create the illusion of height and make the bathroom look bigger. Using glass tiles with a shiny finish can also create the feeling of a larger space because of the reflection of the light.

· Special breakfast nook.

Do you have a cozy little breakfast nook in your kitchen? Well, why not draw attention to this intimate (and special) spot in your kitchen by surrounding this area in glass mosaic tiles. This will make the space seem so much more intimate and special. Another great look for a breakfast nook is terrazzo tile like you can see at Ecospec Tile.

· Mosaic ceiling.

Go on a real design adventure by mosaic the ceilings in certain rooms; like the bedroom or dining room. Keep walls simple and focus the design in mosaic glass tiles on the ceiling (the whole ceiling, or simply a selected part of it). This will immediately draw your eyes up and create a great visual focal point.

· Remodel an old and outdated fireplace.

Completely transform and bring to life an old and outdated fireplace by using glass tiles to mosaic around the fireplace. This will immediately bring the fireplace back to this age and give it character and life once more.

· Mirror frames.

Cover the frame of your mirror in glass mosaic tiles – this is a very cost effective way to jazz up your mirrors and really make them a nice feature in your home. You only need a few pieces of mosaic tile to instantly make your mirrors stand out.
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